Palm Treo 650/180

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QuickInstall pilot-install
Bluetooth prc/pdb files to Treo650, use FileZ beam prc/pdb to Treo180

Treo 180 Palm OS 3.5 font ABC vnfontlowres-setup
- Xmaster - fontHack123 - apply vn fonts

FileManager : FileZ

Ebook Reader ReadThemAll tieungaogiangho

Isilo isilo 9ACT-8VGG-EOJD-9GBO isilo-free-15 thandieudaihiep tamtanki anhhungxadieu am-duong-gioi

Am Lich LunarCalendar

Snapper Email SnapperMail

Xiang ( Co Tuong ) xiang

BoxMan ( Day thung ) boxman

Palm OS5 web pro w/o proxy webpro30apatched mathlib webprocacerts

BDicty ( Tu dien Anh Viet ) bdicty_envn vndictfont

Roadlingua ( tu dien 650 ) roadlingua vn2en

2Action : 2call-log 2contacts 2dialpad 2favourites 2phone 2web

SilverScreen silver-ss20243577931776 sonyos4 os5 icons sampler

SilverTheme OS4 iceberg tinytown

SilverThemeAll silverthemes

Xplorer rescoexplorer rescoexplorer1 rescoexplorerpatched